Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A wish

I sometimes look up and make a wish
to an empty sky when I didn't care 
But there are times when I am desperate
I figure the sun is most able in granting
he who can give life all around 
his fiery burning never cease in intensity
but I cannot look him in the eyes
I am but a voiceless dark speck 
drowned out by the busy world in daylight 
It is no wonder he does not give a damn

Next I try for the moon, for she is more gentle
a great lady subtle in mind and steely in spirit
When the sky is dark and she is illuminated
I stand next to a lamp post to make myself clear
I waited till the world is asleep and she is high 
to speak to her slowly and make my wish
as humble as I can but an urgent appeal
I fancy she glowed in acknowledgment
when she heard all that I want, and I 
turned back to my bed wondering

The moon is sure to act like the sun
but she is a great deal more patient
and she sees longer and darker shadows
the truths in our quiet solitudes and dreams
it is no wonder she is ironic in reply
and my wish turns into a half curse
when the great lady is determine to teach
and her lesson is chilling to the heart
I go back to see her full of regrets
a bright crying figure in a field of darkness


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