Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear Void

So this is my first blog post. I have been wanting to do this for a while now but somehow I lacked the courage to start. A little about myself: I am a semiconductors engineer who recently abandoned both job and school to do nothing for one year. I am somewhat glad that there is that movie Eat, Pray, Love out there since it spares me from making awkward statements about why I am not working. I have to admit it can get uncomfortable. But if I mention that movie at all, people immediately seem to understand and many go straight to say they envy me. I find it tells a lot about people by what they say in return. But I assure you, my taking a year off from work was not at all inspired by the book or the movie, in fact I make a point of not reading the book or watch the movie just so I am not influenced by it, but I do plan to after my year is over.

So, I thought hard on how to go about writing this blog, and why I would like to do so to begin with. And having thought way too much on the subject, I just woke up today and decide to just get on with it. My reason is simple: I would like to write, period. I would like to create something that I will have to own up to, and because this year has been very special in that finally I have something worthwhile to write about, and that I am honest enough to do to.

To the Void then my stories go.



  1. A void no longer! (Hey, that's a pun!)

  2. Thank you Lucy for reading and being the first to comment!

  3. Just read this and your other About Me post- now I need to catch up on the rest!